What is Jukedeck? (and other FAQs)

We’re gearing up for launch, so we thought we’d take a moment to let you know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

What is Jukedeck?

A tool that allows you to create unique music at the touch of a button.

How does it work?

You come to our site, choose a style of music and a mood, and are instantly given a completely unique soundtrack. If it’s not quite right, you can tweak it or go for something completely new. You can even choose how long the soundtrack should be, so that it’s just the right length for your video – and we’ve got loads more features coming soon that are going to make it easier than ever to get the perfect soundtrack.

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs music, but specifically video creators.

What sets it apart?

If you’re a video producer, an advertiser or a games developer, the process of sourcing and editing music is broken. Searching through stock audio libraries is time-consuming, and it’s difficult to convey exactly what you want (“In-your-face”? “Mesmerising”? “Sort-of-like-that-but-a-bit-different”?).

We want to make this process quicker and easier. We want to give video producers a tool that lets them make the music they want really quickly, and then lets them go back and edit it as much as they like. We want to put that power in their hands.

Our mission is to give every video on the web the perfect soundtrack, because we believe music is more meaningful when it’s personalised.

What about copyright and royalties?

With our music, you don’t have to worry about copyright, because Jukedeck is based on state-of-the-art music-writing software that will write a unique piece of music just for you. In short, you’re free to use the music for commercial and non-commercial purposes. And we’re offering all our music completely royalty-free.

Are you trying to replace human composers?

Not at all – composers are the bedrock of the musical world (we’d know – we’re composers ourselves!). We just know that not everyone has access to a composer – and that’s where we come in. We want to build cool, useful stuff, that hopefully makes people’s lives easier.

So who’s behind it?

We’re a team of professional composers and producers, busy making sure every track is of the highest musical standard.

What if I can’t wait for the first product?

Email info@jukedeck.com for early access!

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