The Jukedeck Watchlist

At Jukedeck, we often end up watching a selection of videos over drinks on a Friday and love discovering the videos shot by Jukedeck creators.

There are so many imaginative people with passion topics out there, we never know what we’re going to see next! And we want to start sharing some of this diverse content with you.

So here it is, the first Jukedeck Watchlist…a showcase of some of the artists who film their talent in action and create their soundtracks with Jukedeck. Whether it’s painting, sewing, or digital art, there is somebody out there to watch, learn from, and be inspired by. 

Amélie Berton

Amelie Berton - artist portfolio 2015

Amélie Berton

Amélie Berton Photography - speed edit - Dancing the Dreams...

Paul Richmond

Female Model Nude Oil Painting Time Lapse demo, figure from the back - Studio Sneak Peek 13


Hole in the Hand, Drawing Cool Trick Art

Clara Nartey - Artist

Stitch the Sketch Episode 5 (Thread Sketching)

That’s all from us for now. As ever, if you want to chat or provide feedback on Jukedeck, get in touch at

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