The Jukedeck Watchlist #3

As summer hots up and school ends for another year, we wanted to share with you a selection of delicious recipes from Jukedeck creators that keep cooking simple but scrumptious.

Whether you’re looking for tasty, quick and healthy food, an ingenious way to turn simple cereal into a summer bake, or inspiration for getting your kids involved in their nutrition, the main ingredient in these videos is creativity! Yum.

Will and his daughter Kyler prepare tender salmon with a fresh herby sauce, and encourage everyone to cook creatively with their loved ones.

Katie Reed of turns a breakfast cereal and lemon cake mix into lemon crunch bars.

For a quick summer tabbouleh packed full of flavour check out Josselin in the Kitchen‘s Taboulé Libanais (French-language recipe)

NotQuiteNigella makes fries by baking slices of avocado with cheese, breadcrumbs and spices. We think this irresistible appetizer is worthy of Nigella herself!

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