The Jukedeck Watchlist #2

Last month we started sharing¬†the Jukedeck¬†Watchlist with you – a selection of some of the epic¬†content shot by Jukedeck creators¬†that¬†we’ve loved watching as a team.

This time we wanted to celebrate tech reviews. Whether it’s a new Android release, a comparison of two vlogging cameras, or even the ideal settings for your mouse to help with video editing, these awesome reviews ensure we’re up-to-date and, to be honest, leave us coveting these video creators’ stash of neat tech!

Enjoy. As ever, if you want to get in touch please email us at

Here’s Larry Dickerson giving the lowdown on the latest Android N operating system.

Carlos Pegueros (AKA PremierReviewer) gives his first impressions Рand an audio test of Рthe Zoom H4n Pro, a high-end handy recorder with advanced features such as time stamping and phantom power.

Tomas Villegas takes tech reviews to the next level by going beyond the basic features of the Logitech MX Master mouse to explain the custom function keys he finds most helpful for video editing.

Chris from DailyTekk checks out two affordable VR headsets. We want both.

Tom (AKA TomKnowsWhatsUp) gets specific and compares two Canon cameras he’s used for vlogging – the Legria Mini X ¬†and the G7x.

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