New faces, more music

Here at Jukedeck, music is at the heart of our team. Each one of us is is either a composer, instrumentalist, singer, producer or DJ – some even claim to be all five! 

We talk, play and share music; if you ever swing by our office, you’re likely to find someone playing the piano or mucking around on the drum machine.

Above all, we’re always learning from each other, so it’s great when fresh talent joins the team. And in the past few months we’ve welcomed a host of new faces, all of whom add something exciting to the mix. Take a moment to meet them.

Srikanth Circle

Srikanth Cherla

Machine Learning Researcher

Pedigree: PhD (candidate) in Music Informatics from City University, London, focusing on applying Machine Learning to the analysis and synthesis of musical data. Over three years in industry, applying machine learning and signal processing to both musical and non-musical applications.

Musical Background: Guitarist with a particular interest in playing Rock and Heavy Metal music. Performed extensively in the Hyderabad rock scene during his undergraduate years, as part of his band, Insomnia.

Vinyl of Choice: Soft Machine – Third

Kat Circle

Katerina Kosta

Machine Learning Researcher

Pedigree: PhD (candidate) in Music Informatics from Queen Mary, University of London, focusing on applying Machine Learning to the analysis and synthesis of musical data. BA in Mathematics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and a degree in Piano from the Filippos Nakas Conservatory, Athens.

Musical Background: Pianist, composer and singer, who has performed in a large number of chamber music groups, bands and choirs.

Vinyl of Choice: Pink Floyd – Animals

David Circle

David Trevelyan

Software Engineer, Music Production

Pedigree: PhD in Physics, MSc in Physics with Distinction and a First-Class MEng in Mechanical Engineering, all from Imperial College London. Professional composer and producer, with work published by three record labels.

Musical Background: Jazz pianist and guitarist, with a deep love of music technology. Co-founded the Imperial College London Music Technology Society.

Vinyl of Choice: Herbie Hancock – Headhunters

Nic Circle

Nicolas Chausseau-Gaboriault

Software Engineer, Music Composition

Pedigree: Degrees in Musicology from the University of Montreal and Software Engineering from Concordia University.

Musical Background: Classical and jazz pianist. Has also played in a rock band and composed electronic music compositions for short films, art pieces and videos.

Vinyl of Choice: Com Truise – Galactic Melt

Jason Storey

Web Developer

Pedigree: Full stack developer specialising in Node.js, Javascript, HTML5 and interaction design, as well as the production of digital artwork. Spent 6 years working as a software developer for Unruly Media and video-sharing app, Vyclone. Outside the office, he contributes to and maintains many open source projects, several of which are tools for composers and built on the web audio API.

Musical Background: Plays piano, guitar and percussion, and studied classical composition at the Academy of Contemporary Music and jazz composition and audio production at Birmingham Conservatoire. Is an Apple Certified Logic Pro engineer as well as a composer and guitarist in a 6-piece band signed to Rogues Records.

Vinyl of Choice: Bobby Brown – Don’t Be Cruel

Silent music

Amidst intense media speculation, Jukedeck today announced the release of a new genre of music: Silent.

“People have been demanding silent music for months,” says Jukedeck co-founder Patrick Stobbs. “And while distilling the essence of muteness and encoding it into a Macbook Pro was tough, we’re delighted today to be able to offer it to them.”

The company cites as its inspiration 4’33”, a piece by mid-twentieth century composer John Cage. “We’ve taken what Cage did and tried to build on it,” explains Stobbs. “If you listen carefully you’ll hear direct references to his work, which we’ve run through our machine learning algorithms to concoct what’s hopefully an incredibly personal, meaningful brand of silence.”

Jukedeck user Lynn Hodgson commented, “In the riotous cacophony of the modern world, I thought that silence was something money couldn’t buy. I was wrong.”

Head to and select the ‘Contemporary’ genre to create your own silent track of music.



5 minutes to 5 seconds

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now edit a track after it’s been created.

Simply create a track, then click edit (  )  to change the duration or tempo.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 16.56.06

You can shorten tracks, lengthen them, slow them down or speed them up – whatever you wish.

If you’ve ever made a video, you’ll know how long it takes to adjust the music whenever you need to change the length or pace of your content. Now you can do this at the touch of a button!

Introducing our new site

Today is a massive day for our awesome team at Jukedeck — after months of really hard work on some really tough problems, we’re opening up our site into public beta. And we’d love it if you gave it a try. 🎉

What’s Jukedeck?

If you’ve ever uploaded a video to YouTube, you’ll know how hard it is to find music you can use. The songs you’ve bought on iTunes are off limits due to copyright restrictions, and stock audio libraries are hard to navigate and expensive, with tracks that are the wrong length for your videos and a few decent tracks that you end up hearing everywhere. There’s no way of easily finding original, affordable music for your videos.

With Jukedeck, we want to solve this problem — by letting you create your own unique, royalty-free music at the touch of a button.


How does it work?

We’ve tried to make the process of sourcing music as easy and intuitive as possible; so you can create an original piece of music in a few clicks without knowing anything about music.

Like most stock audio sites, you can use keywords to specify the kind of music you want. Unlike most stock audio sites, you can choose exactly how long you want your track to be, and even set the instruments that are used and the exact beats per minute if you want a bit more control.

The reason you can do this is that we’re not just going and fetching you a track from a library — we’re composing a new track, just for you, on the spot. We’ve built an artificially intelligent system that can write music on its own — the tune, the chords, everything — which means the track you get is unique and has never been heard before.


We’ve been in private beta for the last few months, with some amazing video creators using our music and giving us great feedback that’s helped shape how we’ve built the product. To date, over 100 days of music has been created on the site, and videos using our music have had 16 million views — all thanks to a small handful of creators. We’re really excited that today we can open it up to everyone.

So, if you’re making a video that needs music, please do give it a go — and let us know what you think! 🙂

ps A massive shoutout to Paddy, Rob, Jonny, Pierre, Lydia, Alkis, Marco, Gabriele, and the rest of the team who aren’t on Twitter.

New Faces

October was an exciting month for Jukedeck. In particular, the team expanded and we’re delighted to introduce you to our new team members!

Gabriele Medeot

Gabriele Medeot

Software Engineer

Pedigree: MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Rome and BA in Computer Science from University of Trieste. Disploma in clarinet and music theory from the Conservatory of Trieste.

Obsession with music began when: He realised all the great classical composers were amazing improvisers and that improvisation was the natural next step on from classical music.

Instruments: Clarinet, Saxophone, Irish flute

Musical background: Many orchestral and chamber music performances, ska, blues and folk bands, busking. Participates in Irish music sessions when he can.

Vinyl of choice: De Andrè and PFM – Il Concerto

Marco Selvi

Marco Selvi

Software Engineer

Pedigree: MPhil with Distinction in Scientific Computing / MSci degree, both from Cambridge University. Violin degree from the Conservatory of Pavia.

Obsession with music began when: At 5, he was given the choice of playing piano or violin, and chose the latter because it’s better for serenading.

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Piano

Musical background: Played in orchestras from the tender age of 7. Performed as a soloist and chamber musician in Italy and at Cambridge.

Vinyl of choice: Rodrigo y Gabriela – Rodrigo y Gabriela

Samer Abdallah

Machine Learning Researcher

Pedigree: PhD in Machine Learning for Music Informatics from King’s College London and a BA in Physics from Cambridge University.

Obsession with music began when: He first heard Sade‘s saxophonist, Stuart Matthewman, which inspired him to get a saxophone and start listening to jazz.

InstrumentsSaxophone, Flute

Musical background: Largely self-taught, but also took a course in Jazz theory at Morley College. His PhD and post-doctorate research took him into the depths of music theory and philosophy.

Vinyl of choice: John Coltrane – A Love Supreme

Edelienta Scholars-6

Lydia Gregory

Head of Growth

Pedigree: Set up and ran an auction house & dealership of stringed instruments with two ex-Sotheby’s directors. Previously, Music at Oxford University, then Management Consultant at Accenture.

Obsession with music began when: She realised that noodling around on the piano was a great way to postpone homework.

InstrumentsSinging, Piano, Clarinet

Musical background: Various singing, including recordings on the Hyperion record label and tours to China, Japan, Mexico and New York City. Once had a brief engagement singing underground in a modern art installation. Never practised the clarinet enough (sorry mum).

Vinyl of choice: Original 1956 recording of My Fair Lady (the one with Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison)

alkis avatar

Alkis Livathinos

Music Producer

Pedigree: MEng in Computer Science from the University of Patras, Greece. Five years’ experience in Music Production and Sound Design, creating tracks for the likes of HP and Visa.

Obsession with music began when: He moved the family cassette player to his room at the age of 7 and started recording what he later found out to be called ‘mixtapes’.

InstrumentsPiano, Percussion, Ableton Push

Musical background: Various piano and post-rock performances, and numerous compositions for film, theatre and video games.

Vinyl of choice: Ioannis Xenakis – Metastasis

Composing the Pitch@Palace theme tune 👑 🎵

On Monday night we were at Pitch@Palace 4.0, the latest incarnation of the startup competition hosted by HRH The Duke of York in St. James’ Palace. As the winners of Pitch@Palace 3.0, we weren’t competing this time – but we were asked to provide a theme tune.

Now, writing a piece for the monarchy is not to be taken lightly (we see ourselves as a modern-day Handel in this regard), so we got our composing hats on. We quickly settled on using our Electronic style (it was a tech crowd, after all). But we didn’t think the melodies were up to royal standards – so we used this as inspiration to improve our machine learning algorithms and totally rework the way Electronic melodies are created by our software.

We’re really happy with the results, and the changes we made will be surfacing in our live product very soon. You can hear the results below – the official Pitch@Palace theme tune, with melody and chords composed by Jukedeck. Probably the first AI-created piece used at a royal occasion? (Bring on the National Anthem.)

Hats off to the Duke and his team for commissioning us and for inspiring us to push even harder to keep improving our product. That’s what Pitch@Palace is all about, and it’s great to see its effects playing out in the real world.

Summer In The City

Last week we headed to Summer In The City’s Creator Day. Being the UK’s biggest YouTube convention, it was a great chance to meet emerging talent from across the land.  

IMG_8769 (1)

Armed with a banner, laptop and a bucket full of Haribo we entered the world of vloggers and beauty gurus. While they may have been attracted to our stand by the gummy bears, they left with the knowledge that a new way to create music had arrived. “Where have you been all my life?” was a question we were asked more than once! And already some ace videos have appeared using music created on the site.

Apart from Jukedeck, there were a host of other fantastic businesses on show – all bent on helping YouTubers create amazing content. We packed up, excited for the future of video in the UK.