New Faces

October was an exciting month for Jukedeck. In particular, the team expanded and we’re delighted to introduce you to our new team members!

Gabriele Medeot

Gabriele Medeot

Software Engineer

Pedigree: MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Rome and BA in Computer Science from University of Trieste. Disploma in clarinet and music theory from the Conservatory of Trieste.

Obsession with music began when: He realised all the great classical composers were amazing improvisers and that improvisation was the natural next step on from classical music.

Instruments: Clarinet, Saxophone, Irish flute

Musical background: Many orchestral and chamber music performances, ska, blues and folk bands, busking. Participates in Irish music sessions when he can.

Vinyl of choice: De Andrè and PFM – Il Concerto

Marco Selvi

Marco Selvi

Software Engineer

Pedigree: MPhil with Distinction in Scientific Computing / MSci degree, both from Cambridge University. Violin degree from the Conservatory of Pavia.

Obsession with music began when: At 5, he was given the choice of playing piano or violin, and chose the latter because it’s better for serenading.

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Piano

Musical background: Played in orchestras from the tender age of 7. Performed as a soloist and chamber musician in Italy and at Cambridge.

Vinyl of choice: Rodrigo y Gabriela – Rodrigo y Gabriela

Samer Abdallah

Machine Learning Researcher

Pedigree: PhD in Machine Learning for Music Informatics from King’s College London and a BA in Physics from Cambridge University.

Obsession with music began when: He first heard Sade‘s saxophonist, Stuart Matthewman, which inspired him to get a saxophone and start listening to jazz.

InstrumentsSaxophone, Flute

Musical background: Largely self-taught, but also took a course in Jazz theory at Morley College. His PhD and post-doctorate research took him into the depths of music theory and philosophy.

Vinyl of choice: John Coltrane – A Love Supreme

Edelienta Scholars-6

Lydia Gregory

Head of Growth

Pedigree: Set up and ran an auction house & dealership of stringed instruments with two ex-Sotheby’s directors. Previously, Music at Oxford University, then Management Consultant at Accenture.

Obsession with music began when: She realised that noodling around on the piano was a great way to postpone homework.

InstrumentsSinging, Piano, Clarinet

Musical background: Various singing, including recordings on the Hyperion record label and tours to China, Japan, Mexico and New York City. Once had a brief engagement singing underground in a modern art installation. Never practised the clarinet enough (sorry mum).

Vinyl of choice: Original 1956 recording of My Fair Lady (the one with Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison)

alkis avatar

Alkis Livathinos

Music Producer

Pedigree: MEng in Computer Science from the University of Patras, Greece. Five years’ experience in Music Production and Sound Design, creating tracks for the likes of HP and Visa.

Obsession with music began when: He moved the family cassette player to his room at the age of 7 and started recording what he later found out to be called ‘mixtapes’.

InstrumentsPiano, Percussion, Ableton Push

Musical background: Various piano and post-rock performances, and numerous compositions for film, theatre and video games.

Vinyl of choice: Ioannis Xenakis – Metastasis

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