New faces, more music

Here at Jukedeck, music is at the heart of our team. Each one of us is is either a composer, instrumentalist, singer, producer or DJ – some even claim to be all five! 

We talk, play and share music; if you ever swing by our office, you’re likely to find someone playing the piano or mucking around on the drum machine.

Above all, we’re always learning from each other, so it’s great when fresh talent joins the team. And in the past few months we’ve welcomed a host of new faces, all of whom add something exciting to the mix. Take a moment to meet them.

Srikanth Circle

Srikanth Cherla

Machine Learning Researcher

Pedigree: PhD (candidate) in Music Informatics from City University, London, focusing on applying Machine Learning to the analysis and synthesis of musical data. Over three years in industry, applying machine learning and signal processing to both musical and non-musical applications.

Musical Background: Guitarist with a particular interest in playing Rock and Heavy Metal music. Performed extensively in the Hyderabad rock scene during his undergraduate years, as part of his band, Insomnia.

Vinyl of Choice: Soft Machine – Third

Kat Circle

Katerina Kosta

Machine Learning Researcher

Pedigree: PhD (candidate) in Music Informatics from Queen Mary, University of London, focusing on applying Machine Learning to the analysis and synthesis of musical data. BA in Mathematics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and a degree in Piano from the Filippos Nakas Conservatory, Athens.

Musical Background: Pianist, composer and singer, who has performed in a large number of chamber music groups, bands and choirs.

Vinyl of Choice: Pink Floyd – Animals

David Circle

David Trevelyan

Software Engineer, Music Production

Pedigree: PhD in Physics, MSc in Physics with Distinction and a First-Class MEng in Mechanical Engineering, all from Imperial College London. Professional composer and producer, with work published by three record labels.

Musical Background: Jazz pianist and guitarist, with a deep love of music technology. Co-founded the Imperial College London Music Technology Society.

Vinyl of Choice: Herbie Hancock – Headhunters

Nic Circle

Nicolas Chausseau-Gaboriault

Software Engineer, Music Composition

Pedigree: Degrees in Musicology from the University of Montreal and Software Engineering from Concordia University.

Musical Background: Classical and jazz pianist. Has also played in a rock band and composed electronic music compositions for short films, art pieces and videos.

Vinyl of Choice: Com Truise – Galactic Melt

Jason Storey

Web Developer

Pedigree: Full stack developer specialising in Node.js, Javascript, HTML5 and interaction design, as well as the production of digital artwork. Spent 6 years working as a software developer for Unruly Media and video-sharing app, Vyclone. Outside the office, he contributes to and maintains many open source projects, several of which are tools for composers and built on the web audio API.

Musical Background: Plays piano, guitar and percussion, and studied classical composition at the Academy of Contemporary Music and jazz composition and audio production at Birmingham Conservatoire. Is an Apple Certified Logic Pro engineer as well as a composer and guitarist in a 6-piece band signed to Rogues Records.

Vinyl of Choice: Bobby Brown – Don’t Be Cruel

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