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In December we took part in the LeWeb Startup Competition. As well as drinking our fair share of pamplemousse, we met some brilliant startups – all bent on changing the world.

Here’s our whistle-stop tour of some of our fellow participants. As you’ll see, this post focuses on the startups which solve all the Home problems you can think of.

In the kitchen

We have Cuciniale. Hailing from Germany, their smart thermometer allows you to cook the perfect steak. Just enter your taste preferences into the app and Cuciniale’s smart sensors will do the rest (analysing size, weight, fat, water and protein content, and adjusting the applied energy and cooking time accordingly). With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re getting involved.




In the bedroom

We have (as might be expected) a Swedish startup – Natural Cycles. Founded by the inspirational Elina Berglund , this self-declared “more sex app” is a system to naturally prevent pregnancies. You get up, take your temperature, enter the data into the app, and it tells you whether you’re fertile that day or not. At 99.9% accuracy (safer than a condom, if administered correctly) it’s no gimmick. Again, grab yours before February 14th if you’re keen to keep your relationship à deux.



In the wardrobe

Putting your clothes back on, Fitle and EasySize will both help you pick outfits that fit. Parisian Fitle provides users with a 3D avatar of themselves that is 99% morphologically exact. This allows you to virtually try on clothes from your favourite online stores, all within the comfort of your home. Neat. EasySize – led by the great Gulnaz Khusainova – pitches itself slightly differently, aiming to help online retailers predict the size of the customer by analysing historic purchases and returns, and therefore decrease return-rates. Money saved.

With Jukedeck’s office being in intimidatingly-trendy Shoreditch, London, we recognise the need to up our fashion game – so very much look forward to both of these top startups coming to the UK soon.





In the hallway

As you leave the house, make sure you keep those clothes and thermometers safe with Noki – the door lock of the 21st century. It’s been posited that the hefty assortment of items in your pocket or handbag (wallet, keys, phone) will be replaced by one smart device, and Noki solves the most unwieldy of these. Simply attach Noki’s bluetooth device onto the inside lock of any door with three simple screws, then lock and unlock it at the touch of a button via the app. Access can be shared between several people, and temporary access can be given to others : AirBnB hosts roll up.


Be sure to check out some of the other great companies from the Startup Competition. From Braineet to Trip4Real, it was a real feast.


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