LeWeb Day 0

We’re in Paris as finalists in the LeWeb Startup Competition.

It’s phenomenal to be in birthplace of Charles Gounod and David Guetta, so we thought we’d share some images to let you know how we’re getting on.


 6.47am, London St Pancras – En route


 10.39am, Paris Gare du Nord – Sortie


IMG_20141208_122054 (2)

 12.02pm, Bar du Front Populaire – We were expecting a beef tart. Schoolboy error



2pm,  Eurosites Les Docks – Welcome to LeWeb


IMG_20141208_165756 (1)

 3.37pm, Pullman Dock – Rehearsing pitches and #hashtags with Rodrigo Barros

IMG_20141208_191921 (1)

 8.15pm, Pont Neuf – Bonne nuit

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