Jukedeck at Sónar+D 2018

Jukedeck recently travelled to Barcelona to host an Innovation Challenge at Sónar+D.

Sónar+D is a congress that explores how creativity is changing our present and imagining new futures, and gathers artists, researchers and entrepreneurs in a melting pot of invention.

Its Innovation Challenge involves companies proposing a creative challenge that teams of creators from around the world respond to. Jukedeck was invited to host a musical challenge, and set the following: use the Jukedeck API to create a tool that assists human musical creativity.

A team of 5 creators (including developers, a musician and a designer) worked for 4 days alongside members of the Jukedeck team, and after considering multiple possible tools they decided to build the following: an AI assisted jam session.

This is a tool that enables collaborative musical composition. Users gather in an online ‘chat room’ that comes complete with tools to make music. Each user within a particular room can pick a part (the melody, harmony, bass or rhythm) and ask Jukedeck’s AI to compose a MIDI loop to fill that part. The user can then determine how the MIDI loop should be produced by selecting the instrument and audio effects to articulate the notes. And during all of this the user can listen to the other parts that are rendered by other users so that their part can be sensitive to the piece as a whole. Moreover, once a user finishes creating one part they can then queue up to create another part.


Our space in Sónar+D to prototype and develop the challenge


A prototype example of a chat room (this one is called ‘Piano Party’)


The Jukedeck Mentors together with the Challenge Creators

After 3 days’ solid hacking, the prototype of the challenge was successfully completed 🎉, and the team presented their work alongside that of the other teams, who had been undertaking challenges set by the likes of MTG (‘Music learning tools for people with motor disabilities’), Amplifon (‘Creative prototypes to display and raise awareness about hearing loss’) and Utopia Music (‘Transforming the music industry with blockchain-based funding). You can check out our presentation here.

To cap off the festival, Marco from our Research team took part in a WIRED panel on Music Industry Intelligence, where he discussed how Jukedeck approaches music creation using AI, alongside the likes of Pandora and Bandcamp.

All in all, the Sónar+D innovation challenge and conference embodied elements that are core to Jukedeck’s mission – using technology to fuel creativity – and we’ll be back next year for sure!

Jukedeck Mentors: Katerina Kosta, Marco Selvi, Rob Steward, Jason Storey

Challenge Creators: Roberto Carlini (Developer), Claudia Oliveira (Artist / Designer), Sergi Jacas Puig (Developer), Daniele Scarano: (Developer / Musician)

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