Introducing the team

We thought we’d take a moment to introduce the team behind Jukedeck –  a group of composers, engineers, DJs and designers who are all fired by our mission to give every experience the perfect soundtrack.



Ed Rex

Founder and CEO

Pedigree: Started Jukedeck with a dice and a notebook

Obsession with music began when: He realised that instead of practising scales he could play Don’t Look Back In Anger on the piano

Instruments: Piano, Singing and Flute

Musical background: Singing from the age of 6, Will Ferrell-style Jazz Flute and a brief stint as Dizzee Rascal’s backing singer

Vinyl of choice: Miles Davis – Kind of Blue



Patrick Stobbs


Pedigree: 3 years at Google striking partnerships with large media companies

Obsession with music began when: His mother forced him to practice from the age of 3, which in hindsight he is eternally grateful for

Instruments: Singing, Violin and Percussion

Musical background: Choirs from the age of 6, Close Harmony from the age of 16, and a short-lived career singing on soundtracks for The Sims

Vinyl of choice: The Killers – Hot Fuss



Rob Reng


Pedigree: Directed the technology at a number of leading digital agencies around the globe. Degree in Artificial Intelligence and C++

Obsession with music began when: He discovered the Hammond organ

Instruments: Turntables, Keys and Guitar

Musical background: 20 releases on various record labels, including Ministry of Sound compilations. Has also composed music for TV shows and scored soundtracks for TV adverts

Vinyl of choice: Stevie Wonder – Innervisions



Jonny Cooper

Software Engineer

Pedigree: PhD in computational semiconductor physics

Obsession with music began when: He got a copy of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells on cassette aged 4

Instruments: Guitar, accordion, violin and turntables

Musical background: Appeared in a string of dubiously-named rock bands throughout his school years

Vinyl of choice: The Mars Volta – Amputechture


Alex Stobbs

Music Analysis Intern

Pedigree: Degree in Music

Obsession with music began when: He first heard the BBC’s Test Match Special cricket theme tune 

Instruments: Piano and Organ

Musical background: Has conducted Bach’s St Matthew Passion, as well some S Club 7

Vinyl of choice: Chopin – Nocturnes



Sam Landman

Marketing Intern

Pedigree: Degree in Music and built a user base of over 15,000 for an events startup

Obsession with music began when: In the car on the way to school. Brought up on a concoction of Barry Manilow, The Spice Girls and ABBA. Knew all the words

Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Singing, Violin

Musical background: One of four brothers who are all singers and instrumentalists. One room to practise in. Imagine the carnage

Vinyl of choice: The King’s Men – After Hours