Introducing our new site

Today is a massive day for our awesome team at Jukedeck — after months of really hard work on some really tough problems, we’re opening up our site into public beta. And we’d love it if you gave it a try. 🎉

What’s Jukedeck?

If you’ve ever uploaded a video to YouTube, you’ll know how hard it is to find music you can use. The songs you’ve bought on iTunes are off limits due to copyright restrictions, and stock audio libraries are hard to navigate and expensive, with tracks that are the wrong length for your videos and a few decent tracks that you end up hearing everywhere. There’s no way of easily finding original, affordable music for your videos.

With Jukedeck, we want to solve this problem — by letting you create your own unique, royalty-free music at the touch of a button.


How does it work?

We’ve tried to make the process of sourcing music as easy and intuitive as possible; so you can create an original piece of music in a few clicks without knowing anything about music.

Like most stock audio sites, you can use keywords to specify the kind of music you want. Unlike most stock audio sites, you can choose exactly how long you want your track to be, and even set the instruments that are used and the exact beats per minute if you want a bit more control.

The reason you can do this is that we’re not just going and fetching you a track from a library — we’re composing a new track, just for you, on the spot. We’ve built an artificially intelligent system that can write music on its own — the tune, the chords, everything — which means the track you get is unique and has never been heard before.


We’ve been in private beta for the last few months, with some amazing video creators using our music and giving us great feedback that’s helped shape how we’ve built the product. To date, over 100 days of music has been created on the site, and videos using our music have had 16 million views — all thanks to a small handful of creators. We’re really excited that today we can open it up to everyone.

So, if you’re making a video that needs music, please do give it a go — and let us know what you think! 🙂

ps A massive shoutout to Paddy, Rob, Jonny, Pierre, Lydia, Alkis, Marco, Gabriele, and the rest of the team who aren’t on Twitter.

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