Composing the Pitch@Palace theme tune 👑 🎵

On Monday night we were at Pitch@Palace 4.0, the latest incarnation of the startup competition hosted by HRH The Duke of York in St. James’ Palace. As the winners of Pitch@Palace 3.0, we weren’t competing this time – but we were asked to provide a theme tune.

Now, writing a piece for the monarchy is not to be taken lightly (we see ourselves as a modern-day Handel in this regard), so we got our composing hats on. We quickly settled on using our Electronic style (it was a tech crowd, after all). But we didn’t think the melodies were up to royal standards – so we used this as inspiration to improve our machine learning algorithms and totally rework the way Electronic melodies are created by our software.

We’re really happy with the results, and the changes we made will be surfacing in our live product very soon. You can hear the results below – the official Pitch@Palace theme tune, with melody and chords composed by Jukedeck. Probably the first AI-created piece used at a royal occasion? (Bring on the National Anthem.)

Hats off to the Duke and his team for commissioning us and for inspiring us to push even harder to keep improving our product. That’s what Pitch@Palace is all about, and it’s great to see its effects playing out in the real world.

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