And now for something completely different

Like any good tech startup, we spend most of our time writing code. But we also make time for some pretty varied musical exploits – and we thought we’d take a moment to share a couple of them with you.

First up – Rob. When he’s not honing our production, organising our stack and keeping our site in ship shape, he finds time to lay down beats like this. Talk about livening up Friday afternoons in the office.


Pierre is our resident production guru and divides his time between finding and perfecting the sounds we use and writing some pretty nifty C++. The rest of the time? He’s arranging and producing beautiful songs like this:


On the other end of the musical spectrum, check out Gabriele – usually to be found doing crazy things with machine learning – knock the socks off this Mozart clarinet trio.


I may spend my weekdays in the Jukedeck office, but I spend my weekends messing around at the piano, coming up with mashups like this one:


And it’s the same story with the rest of the team: Jonny is a demon on the decks and has been known to turn his hand to the accordion, and Gabi plays Beethoven on the piano better than anyone we’ve ever heard. No recordings yet, but we’ll get them on camera soon.

Oh – and when Paddy’s not running the business, he’s usually to be found singing his heart out in some arena or other. See if you can spot the two of us trying to keep up with Dizzee Rascal at the Electric Proms.

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