You can now set the climax point 💥

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now set the climax point of every track of music you create on Jukedeck. 🎉

This means you can choose the exact moment your track peaks in intensity, giving you music that’s perfectly synced to your video. Check out this example (where we’ve set the climax at the point the couple hit the water), or simply login to Jukedeck and create a track to give it a try!

Create unique, royalty-free music, powered by A.I.

The Jukedeck Watchlist #3

As summer hots up and school ends for another year, we wanted to share with you a selection of delicious recipes from Jukedeck creators that keep cooking simple but scrumptious.

Whether you’re looking for tasty, quick and healthy food, an ingenious way to turn simple cereal into a summer bake, or inspiration for getting your kids involved in their nutrition, the main ingredient in these videos is creativity! Yum.

Will and his daughter Kyler prepare tender salmon with a fresh herby sauce, and encourage everyone to cook creatively with their loved ones.

Katie Reed of turns a breakfast cereal and lemon cake mix into lemon crunch bars.

For a quick summer tabbouleh packed full of flavour check out Josselin in the Kitchen‘s Taboulé Libanais (French-language recipe)

NotQuiteNigella makes fries by baking slices of avocado with cheese, breadcrumbs and spices. We think this irresistible appetizer is worthy of Nigella herself!

Create unique, royalty-free music, powered by A.I.