New faces

A host of new faces have joined the team in the last few months, and now light up our new office. Here’s who!

Huw Walters

Pedigree: BA in Psychology & Philosophy from Oxford University. 9 years’ experience in Product Management – having worked at Vodafone and a few startups.

Musical background: Grade 8 in both Cello and Piano.

Vinyl of choice: Simon and Garfunkel – Greatest HIts


Katya Kapelushnik

Pedigree: 10 years working across Product, Operations and Finance, and an MBA from London Business School.

Vinyl of choice: The Last Shadow Puppets – The Age of Understatement


Reinier de Valk

Pedigree: PhD in Computer Science at City, University of London. MA in Musicology at the University of Utrecht.

Musical background: Studied Classical Guitar at the Brabants Conservatorium.

Vinyl of choice: Watchtower – Control and Resistance


Chloe Brown

Pedigree: 10 years working in Operations at startups in the UK and Australia.

Vinyl of choice: The XX – XX





Coverage in The Times and Evening Standard

On Tuesday we released three songs that were co-written by a group of great Korean musicians and our AI (see our earlier blog post for full details). And we’ve received some nice coverage from The Times and The Evening Standard that we thought we’d take a second to share.

The Times chatted with Ed, who outlined how “AI is…about giving human musicians new tools with which to make music”, whilst The Evening Standard relayed our goal of making music creation more accessible.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 11.50.51

We’ll share a full report on the launch shortly!



Welcoming Fraser

On Monday a new team member stepped into the Jukedeck office, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce him.


Fraser Smith

Pedigree: Over 20 years’ experience as a professional producer, composer, mixer and sound designer. Has had works published by EMI, Universal, Warner and Sony, and recent projects include a No.1 hit on the iTunes Country singles chart and a top 10 album in the iTunes Singer Songwriter chart. Also a regular lecturer at the Academy of Contemporary Music.

Musical background: Multi-instrumentalist, including several years writing, touring and recording as part of Top 40 UK band Shed Seven, before moving full time into producing and mixing for a wide variety of artists.

Vinyl of choice: Keith Jarret – The Köln Concert 

Co-writing K-pop with artificial intelligence

At Jukedeck, we think Creative AI is at its most powerful when it’s used as a tool to complement human creativity. That’s why we’re thrilled to be releasing three songs today that were co-written by our AI and a group of great musicians in Korea.


Back in 2017, Chanjae Park, the founder of Korean entertainment company Enterarts, got in touch to suggest a collaboration. His take on how and why AI should be used in music-making aligned totally with our vision at Jukedeck.

It used to be the case that music was for everyone — everyone sang or played in their villages. But then technology and professionalism came along, and suddenly music could only be played by certain people. We want music to be for all again — to ensure that everyone can make music.

— Chanjae Park

We think AI should be used to fuel creativity, and he agreed. What’s more, we realised that, by collaborating, we could showcase music co-written by musicians and AI, showing that AI can be part of the creative process.

So we started working with his team of songwriters and producers: our system produced the raw material (original tunes and chord sequences composed by AI, in MIDI and audio format), and they fashioned that raw material into K-pop songs, which have been sung by four great Korean singers and groups.


The songs are being debuted live at Blue Square Concert Hall in Seoul today, with recordings being released digitally around the world. We’re really excited to see how people respond to them, and we hope this is an early step towards getting more people into music-making using AI as a tool to do so.


Jukedeck in Record of the Day

Ed had a great time being interviewed for Record of the Day earlier in December.

If you don’t subscribe, Record of the Day is a fantastic site that, as well as putting out a daily record, sends out a weekly newsletter that provides a rundown of everything going on in the music industry. Ed spoke to the great folks over there about what Jukedeck is, the musicians behind what we’re building, where AI music is headed and our mission to fuel people’s creativity.

An AI playlist for Backed’s Slush afterparty


Slush is probably our favourite tech conference — 20,000 people cram into freezing Helsinki to meet interesting people, hear some fascinating speakers, try out the saunas and go to some great parties. And this year, one of those parties is being hosted by the fantastic, one of our backers.

They’ve decided to do something different with the music they play. One of the sets will come from Boiler Room, an awesome startup they invest in who stream live music. And another has been created by our AI.

We’re massively excited to be providing this set, partly because it’s a chance to demo some of the new music we’ve been working hard on behind the scenes that’s not live on our site yet. If you’re not lucky enough to be at the party, check out the whole thing on Soundcloud below.

Welcoming Rob

We were delighted to welcome a new face to the Jukedeck office recently, and we thought we’d take a second to introduce its owner.

Rob Circle

Rob Steward

Pedigree: First-Class BSc in Computer Science from the University of Essex. Ten years experience as a full stack software engineer, with a special mention for analytics and big data.

Musical background: Beginner guitar playing, former hobbyist DJ, festivalgoer. As equally likely to be found headbanging to Muse in concert as daydreaming on the commute listening to Boards of Canada.

Vinyl of choice: Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland

Deep Learning Summit 2017

We had a great time presenting our work at the Deep Learning Summit in London last week. It was a really interesting mix of academics and tech companies, and a nice opportunity for us to show people some of the work we’ve been doing in AI composition.

If you’re interested in deep learning, we massively recommend that you try to make it to one of the future Deep Learning Summits, which RE•WORK run globally – check out for more info.